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Elevate Your Content Creation with Nettailer's Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

Discover the Essentials at Your Fingertips

  • Real-Time Editing: Enables the user to directly edit the layout and content in a format that closely matches the final output, allowing for immediate visual feedback.
  • Text Formatting Tools: Includes options for changing font styles, sizes, and other text attributes, similar to those found in word processors.
  • Content Management: Allows for the insertion and manipulation of various content types, such as text, images, videos, and links, with ease.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Provides a user-friendly way to move and position elements within the document, enhancing usability and efficiency.
  • Preview Mode: Gives the ability to preview the final output before it goes live, ensuring that the content appears as intended across different platforms and devices.

Drag & Drop with Ease

Every element on your page is fluidly movable. Simply click and drag blocks of content, including images and videos, to your preferred location. For text elements, a straightforward click-and-hold action does the trick.

Resize with Precision

Fine-tune the size of your images and videos effortlessly. Click and drag from any corner to resize, and watch as the dimensions dynamically display in the top right-hand corner, ensuring accuracy in real-time.

Deleting content

Some elements are automatically removed when they become empty of content, for example, text elements and list items will remove themselves when empty, as soon as they lose focus. Other elements, like images and videos, can be deleted using the delete tool in the toolbox or by pressing the delete key.

HTML: For the Creative Enthusiasts

For those who delve deeper into customisation, our enhanced HTML editor offers the flexibility you need. Open up the HTML editor and drop your code directly on to the page!

Unleash Your Creativity, Uncompromised Control

With Nettailer's WYSIWYG editor, your vision is unbounded. Whether you're crafting simple text content or integrating complex multimedia elements, our tool empowers you to create with ease and precision.

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